10 redenen om op VOIP over te stappen

24/03/2019 Door Dennis Grifhorst

Er waren altijd al vele redenen om de overstap naar VOIP te maken, maar met de meest recente ontwikkelingen is er geen goede reden meer te bedenken om op het traditionele telefonieplatform te blijven. Hieronder een opsomming van redenen:

No more missed calls

Voice over IP systems allow your calls to follow you, wherever you go. When you’re not at your desk, your call can be automatically redirected to your colleagues, mobile phone or voicemail system. This is very important, because every missed call is a potential lost customer.

Easy collaboration

Working together has never been easier. Forward your calls directly to your colleagues, attended or unattended. Pick up calls when your colleagues are busy or create ring groups to have all your phones ring at the same time. Busy helpdesk? With IP telephony systems, setting up a call queue is a breeze and allows you to easily channel your incoming calls without annoying your callers.

Automatic call routing

Decide where incoming calls are going to, based on incoming line number or caller ID. Route your outbound calls to different providers depending on the destination. Both options can be limited in time, to allow maximum flexibility. For example: route your outbound calls over provider A during office hours, and to provider B after hours, or send incoming calls to the helpdesk during office hours, and to a stand-by mobile phone in the weekends. Do you have more incoming calls than you can handle? Let your VoIP PBX do the work for you and set up an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to channel incoming callers to the correct destination.

Free calls to teleworkers and remote sites

As the term says, Voice over IP allows you to use your existing IP infrastructure to route your calls. This not only has the benefit of only needing one network for your data and your calls, it also allows you to use the Internet to route calls from and to your office. Teleworkers, at home, can use the company’s telephone system as if they were at the office. The only thing needed is a broadband internet connection. If your company has multiple sites, in the same country or across the globe, you can connect offices directly using a broadband Internet connection, allowing you to save drastically on your inter-office communications.

Always call at the lowest cost

Hundreds of Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP’s) have popped up over the past few years. You can define an unlimited number of ITSP’s to always select the cheapest route to every destination. Do you have a lot of calls to customers in Germany? Sign up for an account with a German ITSP and terminate all your calls at local tariff. Combine ITSP’s with traditional operators for maximal flexibility at the lowest cost.Integrated e-mail, fax and voicemail Your email inbox is already the center of most communications today. Why use a different application to manage incoming faxes and voicemails? Voice over IP allows you to centralize all your incoming communications in your mailbox. Voicemail messages are automatically converted to Wav files and sent to your e-mail account. Incoming faxes can be converted to PDF and sent to your mailbox as well. Suddenly your mailbox becomes your single point of contact for all your incoming communications. No more lost voicemails or paper faxes laying around waiting to be lost.

Complete control, easy to use

Using the web management interface of your VoIP server, you have complete control over the features of your IP telephony system. No need to use difficult to remember commands or call your vendor to make modifications to your system. Using a standard web browser you can manage all the features of your PBX using an intuitive, easy-to-use web interface.

Call everywhere using any phone, pda or computer

In addition to regular analog phones and IP phones you can use any computer, laptop or pda to make and receive calls using your VoIP PBX. This allows unlimited flexibility. Use your laptop on a business trip to accept incoming calls using your hotel’s broadband internet connection, or use a PDA at any WiFi hotspot to check up on your voicemail while on the road.Integrate with your existing environment and applications by combining voice and data networks a new world of possibilities opens up. While maintaining compatibility with your existing analog and ISDN lines, IP telephony allows you to link your existing CRM or ERP application to your VoIP system to get all information on your customer, the second your phone starts to ring. Or use a click-to-dial function in Outlook to start an outbound phone call without even touching your phone. Any application can be seamlessly integrated with your IP Telephony server, drastically improving your efficiency in handling off calls. Open standards, no vendor lock-in Traditional PBX vendors lock you into using their products as long as you keep using their system. Thanks to VoIP and open standards you are free to buy wherever you want. The underlying operating system (Linux) and applications (Asterisk) provide complete transparency, while the protocols (SIP) allow for compatibility with virtually every Voice over IP solution. Buy your IP phones with any vendor you feel comfortable with, without fearing they will not work with your IP PBX.

These 10 reasons show the benefits a Voice over IP system can offer your company. They all contribute to increasing the efficiency within your company while, at the same time, cutting costs. Not only will this improve productivity, it will certainly provide your business with an advantage over the competition.