Business Telephony.

Integrate your telephony with your IT.

VoIP on Premise

Call using TEAMS


Telephone numbers

Professional connectivity

VoIP on-premise

Use Microsoft Teams as your phone system

More about using MS Teams for telephony

TEAMS Direct routing

Flex seating

You can be available at any desk via your own direct number.

National cover

Office 365 Teams uses the normal KPN or other national network infrastructure.

Variable or fixed cost

You can choose between cost per minute or take a fixed fee for unlimited national calls.


To check your call history you can easily get call reports from the Office 365 service portal.

Nationwide cover through KPN's network.

More about mobile telephony

Choose the numbers that suit you

Telephone numbers

Number retention

Keep your existing numbers, or add extra ones. You can add per block of 10, 100, or 1000 numbers.


Use a 0800- number for toll-free for the caller, or a 0900- if you want the caller to pay for the call.


Use 085- or 088- numbers to show that your company does not work in a fixed geographical region.


Do you have a branch abroad? You can still arrange your telephony with SCC. We offer numbers in more than 50 countries.

What our clients say about us.

Good communication

De medewerkers van SCC luisteren om te begrijpen en spelen hier vervolgens vakkundig op in. Snel en gedegen.

Josceline Bogaers

People Select Executive Search

Hoogwaardige netwerkkennis

Een betrouwbare partij, met kennis van zaken. Ze hebben ons goed ondersteund bij uiteenlopende netwerk-gerelateerde zaken.

Lesly Tank

Mollie Betaaldiensten

Personal and quick service

De persoonlijke en snelle service van SCC maakt de communicatie gemakkelijk en prettig. De kennis van ons bedrijf in combinatie met de assertiviteit leiden tot goede ondersteuning.

Jessica Magnée

APTO Architects

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