Desktop in the Cloud.
Access to your actual working environment, wherever in the world you log in.


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Desktop in the cloud

Desktop in the Cloud is when your digital workplace is hosted on one of our servers. You can still access all your applications, shared storage and email and, as long as there is a stable internet signal available, you can login from anywhere in the world.

The workplace is hosted in The Netherlands and is delivered using a secure connection. You can work on your documents without having to download them, which is what makes this solution better and safer than traditional alternatives such as DropBox, Google Drive and One Drive.

Desktop in the Cloud comes complete with a security package made up of server maintenance, antivirus and back-up.

Memory and diskspace are easily scalable

28 day file version retention

Hosted on superfast Solid State Drives


Desktop in the Cloud


Virtual Private Server

1TB storage space

Legacy software possible

Legacy software possible

Dekstop in the Cloud


Virtual Private Server

1TB storage space

Legacy software possible

Secure Access

MS Office latest version

Desktop in the Cloud


Virtual Private Server

1TB storage space

Legacy software possible

Secure Access

MS Office latest version

2-factor authentication

Helpdesk scores 4.8 out of 5
Over 25 years of experience
Online within 1 day
Proprietary hosting platform

The practical advantages of Desktop in the Cloud

Safe collaboration

You can choose which drives will be “virtualised” and which users may have access.


Your data is sent over a secure, encrypted line, and you can subscribe to add 2 factor authentication.

Printing and scanning

Your printers and scanners can be easily added and managed by your virtual server environment.


Login using a PC, Laptop, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone and get your digital workplace in front of you anywhere you are.

Legacy Applications

Using Desktop in the Cloud you can continue to use your customised company software.

Geographically independent

Work anywhere in the world with the same look and feel as your office desktop. Same data, same applications.

Why choose SCC as your IT partner?

More than 25 years experience

Sinds 1992 een betrouwbare IT-partner voor talloze organisaties


97% van de bedrijven die klant worden, blijven dat voor het leven


Onze helpdesk krijgt een gemiddelde score van 4.8 uit 5 van onze klanten

Onder vrouwelijk bestuur

Het management van SCC is 50% vrouwelijk

Direct contact

Geen wachtrijen en call centers, maar direct contact

One-stop-shop voor ICT-diensten

Onze klanten hoeven slechts één telefoonnummer te onthouden voor al hun ICT-behoeften

Heldere communicatie

Wij praten in normale mensentaal met je, en laten het vakjargon achterwege

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