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Network Security

Access Control

E-mail security

Managed Firewall

Continuity and Security

Without always noticing it, all companies are prone to cyber-attacks on a daily basis. Luckily most of them don’t succeed, but it only takes one to get through and the damage can be great. SCC supplies the tools to shield your business from these attacks.

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Keep your business safe

More about Network Security


Two-Factor Authentication

User Identity

Verify user identity with 100% certainty using two-factor authentication

Device Integrity

Every device requesting access is checked for clearance before access to the network is granted.

Reports of access attempts

Realtime reporting showing all access attempts, including IP addresses of the attemptors and the devices to which the attempts were made.

Roll out of Security Policies

Making sure that devices can only connect to the network if their internal security is up to date.

Protecting you from e-mail fraud

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Taking regular security a step further

More about Managed Firewalls

Managed Firewall

Mitigating Risks

Secure your network professionally and lower the risks properly. Just adding a router and installing a firewall once is no longer strong enough.


A managed firewall is adjustable and has a high capacity which makes it a perfect product for both small and large organisations.

Always Updated

A good firewall configuration needs managing and adjusting to combat the newest threats. SCC can do this for you.


For companies with more than one internet connection, the firewall can be used to serve multiple lines in a high availability configuration.

What our clients say

Hoogwaardige netwerkkennis

Een betrouwbare partij, met kennis van zaken. Ze hebben ons goed ondersteund bij uiteenlopende netwerk-gerelateerde zaken.

Lesly Tank

Mollie Betaaldiensten

Good communication

De medewerkers van SCC luisteren om te begrijpen en spelen hier vervolgens vakkundig op in. Snel en gedegen.

Josceline Bogaers

People Select Executive Search

Personal and quick service

De persoonlijke en snelle service van SCC maakt de communicatie gemakkelijk en prettig. De kennis van ons bedrijf in combinatie met de assertiviteit leiden tot goede ondersteuning.

Jessica Magnée

APTO Architects

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