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Managed Firewall

The firewall is the most important network tool to make sure all staff can work safely, keeping uninvited guests, and their hacking activities, firmly out.

In the past, a firewall was a static thing which, once installed, was scarcely altered. The persistent and ever smarter cyberattacks of today, make this approach obsolete. To maintain and optimise the function of a firewall requires a lot of time and specialised knowledge.

Because we manage the firewalls for many clients, we can offer this service professionally, efficiently and at affordable rates.

Lower your risk and protect your network

Applicable and scalable for large and small businesses

Always updated

Security first

Based on the fast-growing security platform which is trusted by some of the largest companies in the world, this firewall platform is so flexible and multifaceted that it is a 100% fit for all environments regardless of size.

This solution is fully scalable so you never pay more than necessary for the size of your company. The monthly price is based on flexible criteria such as number of users and required options.

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The practical advantages of a Managed Firewall

Always updated

Our service team make sure that updates are rolled out automatically so your security is never at a standstill.

Realtime logging

Using realtime logging our service engineers can fend off malicious attacks.

No large investment

You get optimal security for a low monthly fee.


Important locations have more than one internet line. Our managed firewall ensures failover in the case of outage.

For large as well as small organisations

This service is just as effective no matter what the size of company, and it can be extended as you grow.

First class protection

This service is used by multiple companies and, through the sharing of security experiences, it is constantly being improved.

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