Network Security. Prevent nasty surprises using proactive security.


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Network Security

Network Security is a broad subject which is made up of many disciplines. On this page we deal with how we keep your servers and client systems safe.

Many large scale malware infections have brought untold misery to companies who didn’t have their security protocols in place. It’s also no longer enough to make a once-only security plan and think you have it covered. The good news is that we have already thought about it and created the perfect security plan for your organisation.

SCC’s Network Security Plan uses artificial intelligence based antivirus and antimalware, automated patch management for Microsoft as well as third party products and real-time monitoring, checking on everything.

Intelligent patch-management

Best-in-class antivirus and antimalware protection

Proactive notifications through continuous monitoring


Advanced Protection

Award-winning AV & AM

Ransomware protection

Signature based scans

Rule based scans

Patch management

Simplified patch management

Rule based scans

Patch compliance reports

Third party updates

An overlooked threat

Included in patch strategy

Patch compiange reports

2500+ endpoints protected
More than 25 years of experience
Good grasp on security
24x7 monitoring

The practical advantages of Network Security


Avoid unnecessary time-loss due to virus and cyber attacks. Your employees can get on with their work.


SCC’s Network Security services are just as relevant for small as large organisations.

Audit proof

SCC’s Network Security Plan will help you pass your accountant’s IT audit with flying colours.

Lower your costs

Using an efficient security policy means you avoid unexpected costs, and saves you money.


Every professional organisation should have a professional security policy

GDPR compliant

Avoid data leaks and stay GDPR compliant by securing all layers of your network.

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