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Two-factor authentication

Just like access security in a building, the security of an IT network begins with control over who may, or may not, go in.

With all the tools and techniques that hackers have at their disposal these days, a simple user name and password is no longer enough to protect your professional network. Using multi-factor authentication a user has to enter a correct user name and password then confirm access to the network on their smartphone. Without access to the smartphone the login process is cancelled.

Lower your risk and protect your network

Ease of use for high productivity

Applicable and scalable for large and small businesses

2500+ endpoints protected
Over 25 years of experience
A firm grasp on security
24/7 monitoring

The practical advantages of Multi Factor Authentication

Lower your risk

Bring your security policy up to modern standards using SCC’s access control.


This modern solution for access security can grow easily along with your company


Straightforward implementation, easy to use, simple to manage. Plenty of time to get on with other things.

GDPR compliant

It is an integral part of GDPR compliancy to professionally protect access to your data.

Lower total cost of ownership

An efficient and affordable security solution, with no upfront investment needed.

Turn-key Solution

SCC offers this service as a turnkey solution for Windows, Mac, VPN and Web.

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