Network Cabling & WiFi

For a fast and stable network.

Network Cabling

Cable Management


WiFi as a service

Lay the foundations of your network properly

Your network cabling and WiFi signal form the backbone of your company’s internal IT communication. These days telephony and video conferencing are also part of the overall IT picture and these services demand a consistent, high quality signal to function well. The engineers at SCC will ensure that either your existing infrastructure is brought up to scratch, or they will help you achieve a completely new and stable network infrastructure.

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From design to installation.

Network Cabling


Let the trained specialists from SCC Business Systems design and install your professional UTP network.


Network cables are tidied away in industrial, halogen-free cable trays, matching the décor of the room


Your network cables will be professionally assembled, patched and labelled in high end patch panels


All our completed networks are tested with professional equipment. Existing networks can also be measured and tested to check for flaws.

SCC Business Systems uses in-house engineers who have years of experience in physical IT cable management. They use up-to-date electronic instruments to measure and test the signal strength before they will give the complete network their 100% seal of approval. You can also call on us if your existing cable network is showing weak spots. Our experts will come and check where the fault is and solve the problem.

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Give your office a professional image

Untidy cables often build up and before you know it you have a real mess behind your desk. With a few handy tools SCC can help you tidy them all away, giving a more spacious, neat and professional look to your office.

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Wireless cover throughout the whole building.

WiFi Network


A complete service. SCC can deliver and install your Wifi Network and, once installed, provide help and service to always keep you connected.


A wireless network of multiple access points which are all in communication with each other. Your connection remains stable as you move through your office.

Wifi Outdoors

We also have WiFi access points and extenders for outdoors. Our portfolio even covers specialist equipment for wireless connections between buildings.


WiFi solutions that automatically connect to the fastest possible signal as soon as it’s available.

A good WiFi network doesn’t mean simply placing a couple of access points around the building. To get 100% cover the access points have to be deliberately placed, tuned in to each other and managed by a central controller. There are also countless external factors which can interfere with the signal. Using professional tools SCC can detect the source of the interference and work around it.

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Your WiFi, always on, everywhere, for a fixed, low, monthly charge.

Companies are using more and more devices which need WiFi. Many modern offices are totally cable free and only use wireless technology. With the increase in the wireless traffic however there is more pressure on the network, not to mention the security aspect of keeping employees and guests on the correct parts of the network. This all needs professional equipment, expertise and active monitoring. With WiFi as-a-service you get it all. A sure way to achieve a stable and superfast WiFi network with coverage for the whole office.

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Why choose SCC as your IT partner?

More than 25 years of IT experience

A trusted partner for many companies since 1992.

Customer loyalty

97% of our customers stay with us for good.

Helpdesk rating

Our Helpdesk receives an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 from our customers.

Under female management

SCC's management is 50% female

Direct contact

No call centres, selection menus or waiting on hold. You get straight through to SCC.

One-stop shop for all ICT services

Our customers only need to remember one number to arrange all their ICT needs.

Clear communication

Our staff are trained to communicate in clear and jargonless terms, so anyone can easily understand them.

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