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Freedom and Transparency

Without always noticing it, all companies are prone to cyber-attacks on a daily basis. Luckily most of them don’t succeed, but it only takes one to get through and the damage can be great. SCC supplies the tools to shield your business from these attacks. Open source means that the software is fully transparent and free to use, alter and share. In other words: the source code is visible and the software is (usually) free to use. Some professional open source products offer a free version with limited options, then offer one or more paid versions with more functionality and features.

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Setting rights and permissions per user (group).

Identity Management

Secure Access

Each user on the network is only granted the access permissions intended for them.


Create mutual “trusts” with other ID management systems such as Microsoft Active Directory.


Define Kerberos authentications and authorisation policies for the user (groups). Using this you can control services such as DNS, SUDO, SELinux or autofs.

Focus on efficiency

Using the intuitive user interface you can easily set up your accounts.

Identity Management using FreeIPA. This is an integrated identity and authorisation service for Linux networks. A FreeIPA server offers centralised authentication, authorisation and account information by managing data from users, groups, hosts and other parts of the network needed to control the security aspects of the network. FreeIPA is built on well-known Open Source components and standard protocols with a strong focus on ease of use and automation of tasks.

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Team productivity

Collaboration and communication are the cornerstones of an organisation’s productivity. With Kopano we can offer a ready-to-use professional communication platform for email, chat, video conferences, documentation, collaboration, calendars, contacts, notes and task lists. Using clients for desktops (Linux, Mac and Windows), Webbrowsers and mobile appliances, you’ll always have this tool to hand.

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Keeping complete control over your company data.

File Sharing

User friendly

Easy to find your data using a modern web interface, desktop client and mobile app.

Work together

Work together easily with other members of your team on common documents.


Hosted by SCC, so all kept within The Netherlands, and complete with high-end encryption.


File Sharing works seamlessly with Only Office. Real-time file sharing is also compatible with MS Office.

Nextcloud Hub is the first fully integrated, on-premise, collaboration platform on the market which is truly ready for a new generation of users who expect effortless online teamworking.

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100% compatible with MS Office formats

Large organisations such as universities, Deloitte and Oracle are using Only Office daily. With a total of more than 5 000 000 users worldwide, Only Office is a serious player in the editing market on all platforms; Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, OSX. A comprehensive suite for documents, CRM, projects and more.

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Why choose SCC as your IT partner?

More than 25 years of experience

A trusted partner for many companies since 1992

Customer loyalty

97% of our customers stay with us for good.

Helpdesk rating

Our Helpdesk receives an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 from our customers.

Under female management

SCC ‘s management is 50% female.

Direct contact

No call centres and sitting on hold, you get straight through to SCC.

One-stop shop for all ICT services

Our customers only need to remember one number to arrange all their ICT needs.

Clear communication

Our staff are trained to communicate in clear language without jargon, so we won't baffle you with tech talk.

What our clients say about us

Good communication

De medewerkers van SCC luisteren om te begrijpen en spelen hier vervolgens vakkundig op in. Snel en gedegen.

Josceline Bogaers

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Hoogwaardige netwerkkennis

Een betrouwbare partij, met kennis van zaken. Ze hebben ons goed ondersteund bij uiteenlopende netwerk-gerelateerde zaken.

Lesly Tank

Mollie Betaaldiensten

Personal and quick service

De persoonlijke en snelle service van SCC maakt de communicatie gemakkelijk en prettig. De kennis van ons bedrijf in combinatie met de assertiviteit leiden tot goede ondersteuning.

Jessica Magnée

APTO Architects

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